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Double ampersand If the error is true, we’re going to have a div with a class name of error. So we can navigate programmatically with react router, we use the navigate that we got here from that hook us navigate, we placed that one, we placed what we get back here in the navigate cost. So we’re setting this one in the context, I’m going to set it with an object First, I want to set the session ID. The cost, we’re going to grab the session ID We await again, from the API, I have a function that’s called authenticate.

So this is going to work in a way that we have a state with a kind of a flag that was set to true or false. For more variables, we have the dark gray, we set the width to 25%. And it will also check that we’re not loading anything because when we loading something, we want to show the spinner instead.

What are the ReactJS basics covered in this free course?

So let’s go back inside of the application and inside the header component, so the header folder and the index.js file. So go back inside of the code editor and the login dot styles dot j s file. All right, then we can create our component cost login equals, we don’t have any props for this one, to make an explicit return, and we have a return statement.

  • It serves a specific purpose (defining JavaScript classes) and the React creators had to choose a different name for it.
  • And we have a lot of features that we have, for example, in SAS, we can do nesting and stuff like that.
  • However, most of the components in a React application will be tied to each other by data.

Then I do something that’s called ear six destruction here on destruction of this array that I get back from the use state hook. Before we had hooks, we had to use classes to have state in them. And they say it here also seems JSX is closer to the JavaScript, then to HTML, react, Dom uses camel case property naming convention instead of HTML attribute names.

jsxconst header =

So save the file, and I’m going to show you in the next video, how to create the styles the actual CSS, but move inside of the index.js, we’re going to create our header component. So that’s why we grabbing it inside of the curly brackets, we are going to create default exports from our different components. Right now we’re looking at our app component, which is the only component that’s being displayed in our application. If we look at our file explorer on the left, we’ll see app is being imported and rendered here within this index.js file. And the story in the stars because this one was sending in some props to up here, a market with types created type props, equals, we have the backdrop, and is going to be a string.

React by Example Lessons

So this is if the thumbnail should be clickable, then in the ternary operator Be very careful here it should be after this parenthesis, I create a colon and then I create a new pair of parenthesis. But what we can do is go up here, create a forward slash, and then we type in some ID. And we can’t actually click on the thumbnail now because we haven’t created that one. So we use the route component again, we set the path, and this one is going to be forward slash. And then you use the route component to actually create your route. So you don’t need to have them here in the top of your application.

🟡 Lists and Keys in React

And now we have to refactor the components that we use for the movie page also. The movie ID, it complains, here, we have to specify the types. So we’re going to start with a not found this one is a small component, so we just specify this as a react of FC. And inside here where the React dot set state actions, so this is the type for the setter for the use state.

So when you want to give a prop two a component, you do it like this, you named the Prop, and then you give it the value. And these are, of course, all from the Movie Database API is nothing that I have created. And I’m generating the string here by merging them together in this template literal here. You can make them smaller, and you can set them to the original size.

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