How Adobe is Using AI with Generative Fill in Photoshop

How to access and use Photoshop AI generative fill

Its AI tools are impressive, whether you need to make small adjustments to an existing image or do a complete overhaul. Now that we have our background, let’s add a couple of accents. Start by creating a selection in the water with the lasso tool.

It’s not entirely new, but having it right alongside all your standard photo editing sliders is new. You use it by making a selection — lasso, magic wand, whatever you like — and then typing in a text prompt. It can remove and add elements to your photo, or extend the image.

Photoshop experts try out Generative Fill

While this image was firmly for fun, I’ll be back in future weeks looking at how to use this tool for a more professional result. And, finally, as I said before, pay attention to exactly how you size and place your selection. That tells the AI a tremendous amount about your intentions for the images you’re asking it to create. To create our glorious demo image, I used exactly two Photoshop tools. This draws a freehand shape on the screen that specifies a selection. Photoshops Generative Fill tool created forest and ground based on the surrounding information to create an incredibly realistic scene.

Generative Fill allows for multiple iterations, giving you complete control over the creative process. Add a simple text prompt that describes the changes you want to see in your image. Open Photoshop Beta and create a new image file with dimensions that suit your project’s requirements. You can choose any size or aspect ratio, allowing for complete creative freedom.

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In addition, AI-Generated Content requires manual adjustments. For instance, some of the tool’s generated additions may look inaccurate or not blend in with the Yakov Livshits original content. Certain license types may not have access to the tool, either. Also, the fill feature is inactive for documents that are non-RGB 8/16 bit.

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  • If you’ve already got one, feel free to jump down to the next step.
  • Paying attention to these lighting details is essential when using the generative fill feature, as it helps merge the virtual elements with the real ones in a smooth and natural way.
  • The second thing is that we do occasionally need to check out what Photoshop is doing, if only to maintain a reference point for the current state of photo editing and the tools available.
  • Adobe Photoshop has been the go-to software for image editing for over thirty years.
  • We say “may” because some tech-savvy creatives could use things like camera mapping in Blender to animate the extended section using a program like Blender.

Previously, we would paste in content from other photos and use cloning and Content Aware fill. You can also modify your text prompt in the prompt box and click Generate to create new variations based on the revised text. Thumbnail previews of the generated variations based on your prompt will be displayed in the Properties Panel or the Generative Fill dialog. A new Generative Layer will be created in the Layers panel, providing access to the Properties panel where you can view your text prompt, mask, and variations. Learn everything you need to get started generating images with Adobe Firefly. Learn how to get access, prompting tips, and how to utilize Firefly’s interface.

Remove Objects

Then we’ll import the first image into your canvas by clicking the import button on the contextual taskbar. “Adobe has a long and established history of AI innovation and the exciting new integration of Firefly into Photoshop (beta) will enable creatives to transform the way they work. Adobe Firefly is the only AI service currently that produces high quality professional content that is also commercially viable and can be embedded in creative workflows. Generative fill in the Photoshop beta is truly a game-changer,” Rufus Deuchler, Director of Worldwide Creative Cloud Evangelism at Adobe, told Creative Bloq. Generative Fill isn’t the only AI-powered feature added to the Photoshop beta. A generative AI system like Firefly creates entirely original images based on what’s described in a text prompt.

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Start with a blank canvas measuring 1920 pixels wide by 1024 pixels tall. We’ll set the resolution to 300 pixels, select RGB as the color mode, and set the background color to white. When the text prompt appears, type in the background you wish to see. Avoid making a tight selection and always overlap some areas around the selection in your image to generate a better image result and enable seamless blending. Adobe provides a 7-day free trial for Photoshop, during which you can access all its features without any restrictions.

While Adobe may have entered the generative AI field a bit later than others, it has been making significant strides in recent weeks. Adobe is making that very clear by releasing this as a feature only available in the beta version of Photoshop. This is what software developers call an MVP (minimum viable product). It’s a chance to get user input and more experience to help build the real product.

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The beginning of the year brought the introduction of Adobe Firefly, and since then, its new features have been slowly released as they’re ready. But that’s just the beginning — if you really want to go for it, you can go for it. Let’s take a little journey from beautiful-yet-deadly waterfalls to a beautiful-yet-deadly glacier.

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